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Aqua Therapups offers clients therapeutic and fun-based swimming programs. A certified instructor is assigned to each animal and accompanies them in the pool. Hydrotherapy is a weight-free and low-impact form of exercise, beneficial in treating a wide range of conditions in dogs of all ages including: Arthritis. Swimming is a non-weight-bearing activity that helps avoid strain on a dog's body. The warm water also helps to relax muscles and increase circulation. “Two.

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Therapaws - The original & still the best canine therapeutic and leisure swimming pool! We have years of experience working with dogs in and out of the pool. Canine hydrotherapy is a relatively new arrival in the United States, where doggie pools and underwater treadmills started springing up only in the past. We have an incredible therapy pool at Haven Lake Animal Hospital. Our heated pool provides excellent non-weight bearing rehabilitation and conditioning.

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We love dogs and provide comprehensive, careful care for your canine your dog in our warm water hydrotherapy pool while providing therapeutic exercises. Our canine rehab staff can find other forms of exercise or therapy that would be more appropriate for him/her. While swimming, all dogs will be accompanied by a. Canine Bodywork & Aquatics, LLC is a wellness center specializing in the care and general well being of dogs. We offer swimming, floating, relaxation in the.