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Synthetic promoters have been developed in a number of different organisms and are capable of mediating specific and enhanced levels of gene expression. Promoter. CMV. Product Type. Mammalian Expression Vector. Selection Agent (Eukaryotic). Geneticin™ (G). Protein Tag. Untagged. Cloning Method. We used this variation to determine whether promoter CpG density correlates However, within both mammals and primates, 95% of the promoters showed a.

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Mammalian promoter database is a(n) research topic. Over the lifetime, publication(s) have been published within this topic receiving citation(s). A mammalian expression vector that is a murine CMV promoter and the first intron of the major immediate early gene of the human cytomegalovirus. ATUM's transient & stable mammalian vectors support high levels of expression in HEK and CHO cells, and allow efficient genomic integration of expression.

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PromoSer -- a large-scale mammalian promoter and transcription start site identification service · promoter analysis tool · promoter prediction tool. Mammalian Promoter Vector Set (plasmid vectors for molecular cloning); Molecular cloning often benefits from optimizing the vector used for expression;. Discover pCMV-Script vectors for mammalian protein expression. Vectors include a CMV promoter for high-level protein expression in mammalian cells.