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Personal property insurance is the portion of your home insurance policy that protects your belongings from things like theft, accidental loss or damage. Property & Valuables Our independent agents are ready to help you find the coverage that suits you best. Why choose an independent agent? You can expect. In general, any item worth more than $2, should be insured with supplemental valuables insurance. Here is a list of items with typically high values that.

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This coverage is similar to international renter's insurance. It covers your personal property while transported, at your overseas location, possessions left in. Our valuable articles policy helps protect your most treasured items such as jewelry, fine art, wine and spirits, and antiques. Explore our coverage. An optional homeowners insurance coverage you can add to your Nationwide policy is Valuables Plus® which provides additional protection for jewelry and other.

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Marshall provides personal valuables insurance for your diamond, jewelry, wedding, or engagement ring from Travelers, Progressive, and AllState. In fact, some policies specifically exclude jewelry and other valuables (musical instruments, artwork, and furs among them). Other policies limit coverage to. So what exactly can personal property insurance help protect? Generally, it can cover your personal belongings, like your home's furniture, your jewelry.