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Please consult your pharmacist to determine if a generic version of any particular specialty medication is available. © Accredo Health Group, Inc. An. Specialty Pharmacy Drug List. January This list represents brand-name products in CAPS and generic products in lowercase italics. All. You can also visit www.udmsar.ru 24/7. The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Service Benefit Plan maintains a list of specialty prescription drugs. Coverage of.

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The list includes select medications used to treat a variety of clinical conditions and is subject to change. Filling a Specialty Drug Prescription. Contact U-M. Drug list · A. ATGAM. Actemra. Actimmune. Adcirca. Aduhelm · B Baraclude. Benefix. Benlysta. Beovu. Betaseron · C Cabometyx. Carimune NF. Cellcept. Cerdelga. Preferred specialty pharmacy providers. If you are prescribed a specialty drug, you may only be allowed to use a certain pharmacy as your preferred specialty.

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Specialty Medication List · Anzemet · Compazine · Emend · Kytril · Phenergan · Sancuso · Zofran · Euflexxa · Hyalgan · Orthovisc · Supartz · Synvisc · Synvisc One. This list provides information on which specialty pharmacy dispenses the or Provider-Administered Specialty drug list or medication guide for Prior. Tufts Health Plan has designated CVS. Specialty for a select number of specialized pharmacy products and drug administration services. These medications are.