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It is important that we mention that Embassies do not offer immigration DNA testing services. What an embassy may offer a beneficiary is an opportunity to. USA Embassy requires that all DNA test only performed with AABB aggregated Labs. · We coordinates sample collection appointments and dispatches kits to US. The U.S. Embassy in Bangkok accepts the DNA paternity tests of our laboratory in the USA, as it has countless times over the years.

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DNA relationship testing within the U.S. only takes a few days. However, for relatives overseas, the time can vary, depending on that country's embassy or. In the case of international surrogacy cases, the U.S. Embassy or USCIS will request DNA Testing before allowing the newborn to leave the country of origin. Immigration DNA testing is a paternity, maternity or kinship test that is conducted at the request of the U.S. Embassy, Department of Homeland Security.

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The applicant's DNA sample collection will be administered at the Embassy's Consular Section by St. Luke's medical personnel. Once the DNA collection is. The requesting letter or proof of request must be submitted to our laboratory and include: At no time will the person(s) to be tested receive a test kit. We will ship a DNA collection kit to the U.S. Embassy or USCIS office in your home country. That agency will collect the beneficiary's DNA sample(s) and ship it.