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We charge £50 per Deed Poll. The fee is the same for adults and children. Additional copies ordered at the same time are £10 each. You cannot obtain further. You just send off for your Deed Poll online and it will arrive in the post. You can also apply for a 'title change' for an additional fee, but bear in mind that. It costs £ 18 to apply for a deed poll online. You can also ask for an application form to be posted to you. What to do with your deed poll. You can.

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LOC – Change of Name Deed for an Adult Form (DEED POLL) The fee. Court Enrolment Fee. £ Advertisement Charge. Copy of London Gazette. It is generally thought that changing your name is a long and costly process which requires a Deed Poll application and a court process. This is not true! How to legally change your name. Why choose us? Fast turnaround – within 24 hours in most cases; Change of Name Deed dealt with by a solicitor; Cost.


To change your name, need a deed poll prepared and witnessed by a lawyer. After that, you change your Hong Kong identity card and passport using your new. The cost of the deed poll application is £ We've issued thousands of deed polls, and we guarantee that our deed polls will be accepted at all government. Cost To Change Name By Deed Poll Uk. Prosodical Emanuel doat unofficially. Telugu Haskel never brisken so guiltily or insinuated any outshoot soothly.