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HEIDENHAIN Introduces New AMO Multi-Section Linear Encoder · Contamination resistance - IP67 · Insensitive to interfering magnetic fields · High precision · High. Length gauges from Heidenhain offer high accuracy over long measuring ranges. They have a wide range of application in production metrology, in multipoint. Angle encoder modules from HEIDENHAIN are combinations of angle encoders and high-precision bearings that are optimally adjusted to each other. They are.

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With incremental linear encoders, the current position is determined by starting at a datum and counting measuring steps, or by subdividing and counting signal. Heidenhain are manufacturers of various rotary encoders used for a number of different platforms. The range of Heidenhain rotary encoders covers single and. Sealed linear encoders from HEIDENHAIN are protected from dust, chips and splash fluids and are ideal for operation on machine tools.

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During temperature changes, the linear encoder must expand or contract in a defined, reproducible manner. Linear encoders from. HEIDENHAIN are designed for this. Linear encoders for numerically controlled machine tools. • Interface electronics. • HEIDENHAIN controls. This brochure supersedes all previous. Incremental linear encoders with full-size scale housing For linear axes up to mm long Accurate and reliable position measurement Rugged design Interfaces.