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Bachelor of Science (B.S.). Specialize in energetics, petroleum engineering or sustainability at our top ranked chemical engineering program. Earn your degree. Chemical Engineering | LSU Majors You want to create new products (like paper, plastics, tires, concrete, and fuels) and/or chemical processes (reactions and. Chemical Engineering Degree Are you interested in using chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics to solve engineering problems related to production.

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Bachelor Chemical Engineering programs are available around the world with part time, full time and other study options. Common themes covered in these. Mass and Fluid Mechanics; Heat Transfer; Thermodynamics; Reactor Design; Chemical Process Control; Process Design. Through elective courses you can tailor the. The chemical engineering program comprises a minimum of 39 courses, which include three free electives and three area electives: one in advanced chemistry, one.

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One of the hallmarks of a chemical engineering education is flexibility. Students study chemical processes at the molecular level and the chemical plant level. Chemical engineering is the profession which applies mathematics, chemistry and physics to develop economic ways of using raw materials and energy for the. Chemical Engineering: The chemical engineering concentration is designed to prepare students for careers in the energy, chemical, food, energy, pharmaceutical.