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The secondary coating of your fiber optic cables is the most important aspect in your production process. As the quality of loose tube defines the final. Ribbon Manufacturing Process A matrix material is applied to the fibers to bind them together so they can be spliced as a group. 12 and 24 fiber flat ribbons. Prysmian Group optical fibres are made through the careful construction of a large diameter glass tube known as the 'preform' which is then 'pulled' to form.

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OEM Optical Fibre Manufacture · Seven different multimode fibre materials - including Qualified fibres for UV and NIR applications. · Core diameter range from When we first built our reputation as pioneers in fiber optic cable, OCC made a commitment to quality, performance, and service. Today, we are leaders in the. Plastic optical fibres (POF) are often used in telecommunication, consumer electronics and automotive applications. Measuring and control devices used for.

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We continue to expand the array of fibre optic products that we have developed in response to the increasing demand from industries; we have established a. An optical fiber cable is a type of cable that has a number of optical fibers bundled together, which are normally covered in their individual. Distributor of cable assembly production products as well as products and services for fiber applications and specialty applications.