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Instant messaging and chat features are part of many digital communications apps. Learn how IM technology works and about some popular IM tools. Point-to-point communication over the Internet leaves them vulnerable to potential eavesdropping, because the message traffic is not encrypted. Figure 1. Messaging providers and security companies are taking steps to combat IM Users can also click on a hyperlink in an instant message that leads them to a.

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Instant messages, like e-mail, are relatively easy for a hacker to intercept. All of the messages need to pass through a central server (AOL, Yahoo!, Google, et. How secure are my instant messages? There are several methods of instant messaging that we use in today's business world, and in our personal communications. Samuel J.J. Curry, in Computer and Information Security Handbook (Third Edition), If you send confidential information through an instant message.

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Spreading viruses and worms. Instant Message (IM) programs are fast becoming a preferred method for launching network viruses and worms. The lack of built-in. Overview of Instant Messaging Service. of end-to-end features (especially security) to pass through instant messaging interoperability gateways. Trillian is easy-to-use, HIPAA-compliant instant messaging for people, business, and healthcare. Send messages, share files, and much more!